George H. Kriss


Contract Pilot Services

Gulfstream, Learjet and (SIC) on the Challenger 604.
Day, Week or by the Month
If you have a professional flight department

If you have well maintained aircraft
If you need assistance crewing an international flight
If you need assistance starting a flight department
If you need Learjet pilot training to factory standards
If you need temporary pilot services
--You do not have to withhold or pay any taxes on pilot services.
--Health Insurance is self provided --Annual training or recurrent training are no cost to you.

For those needing detailed information my background encompasses over 30 years of flying experience including the position as a corporate pilot operating turboprop, turbojet and turbofan aircraft. Extensive world wide experience includes Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The western hemisphere includes North and South America. Operated a King Air 200 and a Learjet 25 for the Northrop Aircraft Company while living in Daharan Saudi Arabia for three years in the 1970ís. Spent extended periods in the early 1990ís as a contract pilot in Geneva Switzerland and Sao Paulo Brazil. North Atlantic and Pacific crossings were often included in flights originating or ending in the continental United States. The operation in Switzerland required establishment and management of the flight department including initiation of the maintenance program at a local facility. This Learjet was operated regularly between the home base in Geneva Switzerland and France, the United Kingdom and Canada. The Learjet flown in Brazil was operated extensively in country as well as other South American countries, the Caribbean and to the United States.

The 1980's were spent with the Learjet factory in Tucson Arizona as a Factory Marketing Demonstration Pilot. These duties included corporate transport, company representation at aviation conventions like the Paris Air Show or the National Business Aircraft Association. Many times it was necessary to fly a customers trips and assist the company officials while their crewmembers were in ground training at Flight Safety. An important aspect of our job was the training of customer crews including Air Force C-21 pilots. Some of my collateral duties included occasional production flight testing which included stall flights and aircraft certification. Support of the marketing department required transporting corporate executives of companies interested in purchasing a new airplane, or fleet, as well as Heads of State. Often we operated in and out of diverse airports and remote locations that a routine flight operation may never experience.

Long range operations were my specialty and I formulated a long range profile for the Learjet 55 prior to the publishing of the Pilots Manual in 1982. This profile is still used today by some of the Learjet pilots that had access to these numbers. However, they were not widely published out of concern that the attention to the scope and detail required more than that of normal pilot activities on a daily basis. The president of the company and myself achieved six world records in 1983 that were recognized by both the Federation Aeronautique Internationale and the National Aeronautic Association of the United States. These included Los Angeles-Paris-Los Angeles in a Lear 55LR. On a separate occasion in 1982 I conducted the first nonstop flight in a standard Lear 55 from San Francisco to Honolulu. I left Learjet as the Senior Captain in 1989 and continued residing in Arizona after Learjet was sold and operations were moved to Kansas. Currently I provide contract pilot services on the Gulfstream, Learjet and (SIC) on the Challenger 604.

For Your Insurance Requirements

FAA ratings- (no accidents) ATP ASEL, ATP AMEL, Comíl Glider,
G1159 type rating, LR type rating,
CFI-A&I, A&P Mechanic.

Total Flight Time ---------------------- 13,000 hrs
Jet ------------------------------------------ 5,000 hrs
Turbine------------------------------------ 7,000 hrs
Learjet instructor ----------------------- 1,000 hrs
Total instructor time------------------- 4,700 hrs
King Air 200 ----------------------------- 2,000 hrs
Cessna 421C ----------------------------- 1,000 hrs

Current Simuflite PPE Gulfstream III (61.58 12/24 month) and
Part 135.293 & Part 135.297
March 2001

Current Flight Safety PPE Learjet 20 thru 55 (61.58 12/24 month)
and Part 135.293 & 135.297
August 2000

Emergency & Water Survival training
March 2001

Rates Provided On Request

George H. Kriss
P.O. Box 35331
Tucson, Arizona 85740
Phone 520.742.2574
Cell 520.241.4328


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