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Last Update:   March, 2003


John Bell Gulf Pacific Aviation Services is an Aviation Management Consultant Company that has been in business since 1998. We specialize in Cessna Citation aircraft and offer a broad range of Domestic and International services.

We maintain a full-service training agreement with FlightSafety International.

My own background includes 24 years of experience in corporate aviation development, implementing and managing the needs of various companies and individuals.

We are here to support you and your business and constantly strive to maintain our services at the highest level of excellence and professionalism you deserve. I look forward to working with you.

John R. Bell II
Aviation Management Consultant/ ATP-CFI

Aviation Management Consultant / Professional Pilot Services


FLIGHT TIMES - (Updated: March 2003)
Total: 12,463 ( PIC: 11,921 Turbojet: 3,727 Turboprop: 4,430 Multiengine: 9,617 Recip.: 2,563 )


01/98 to present: Gulf Pacific Aviation Services, 210 Saint Andrews Drive, Harrison, AR 72601
Aviation Management Consultant for the Cessna Citation 500, 525, 550, 560, 560XL and 650 series aircraft. Assist business professionals, individual pilots with crew support along with Aviation Department Development. Offer Aircraft Evaluation and Cost Analysis. Serve as advisor for flight operations and for company travel programs.

09/85 to 09/98: American Freightways, Inc., P.O. Box 840, Harrison, AR 72602
Chief Pilot of Corporate Travel and Flight Operations. First pilot employed by the company and was instrumental in developing existing flight and travel department. We operated two Cessna Citations throughout the forty-eight states, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Supervised a staff consisting of five pilots, one aircraft mechanic plus assistant and one associate arranging the flight schedules, hotel and ground transportation on the corporate aircraft. Two additional associates arranged airline travel, hotel and car rental utilizing our in-house travel ticketing system. In 1997, the company flew over 950 hours, issued under 3,000 airline tickets totaling more than one million dollars and operated within a department budget just over three million dollars.
Reason for leaving: Devote full time attention to Gulf Pacific Aviation Services

12/83 to 09/85: Heritage Publishing Company, 4100 Heritage Dr., No. Little Rock, AR 72119
Chief Pilot and Account Executive for a telemarketing company. Operated and maintained a Piper Pressurized Navajo. Responsibilities included public relations and sales campaigns for 50 organizations within the U.S. Supervised three department personnel.
Reason for leaving: Company used aircraft infrequently and made the decision to sell the aircraft

07/83 to 12/83: National Executive Airlines, 6005 Las Vegas Blvd., So. Las Vegas, NV 89119
Responsibilities included PIC flight duties on Piper Chieftains under FAR 135. Operation provided charter service for the western U.S. sector and flew Grand Canyon tours on a daily basis.
Reason for leaving: Improved job opportunities

07/80 to 05/83: Gulf Pacific, Inc., 3 Riverway Suite 1340, Houston, TX 77056
Responsibilities included management and maintenance of four corporate aircraft. Land Development Company was based in Texas with branches in California and Nevada. Flew aircraft to various destinations relative to their western and southwestern operations. Flight Department also utilized CE-421 and AC-690 aircraft. Supervised two flight crewmembers.
Reason for leaving: Company became insolvent

Date CourseSchool
February 2003 RVSM RNP Recurrency (LOA)FlightSafety (ICT)
February 2003 CE560XL RecurrencyFlightSafety (ICT)
January 2003 CE550 Bravo + Differences RecurrencyFlightSafety (ICT)
October 2002 CE650 III/VI/VII RecurrencyFlightSafety (SAT)
February 2002 CJ2 RecurrencyFlightSafety (ICT)
November 2001 CE650 VII RecurrencyFlightSafety (ICT)
January 2001 CE560XL TransitionFlightSafety (ICT)
January 2001 CE550 Bravo RecurrencyFlightSafety (ICT)
January 2001 C560 Encore Differences CourseFlightSafety (ICT)
July 2000 International ProceduresSimuFlite (DFW)
June 2000 CE560XL Recurrency Course (SIC)FlightSafety (ICT)
May 2000 CJ1 & CJ2 Differences CourseFlightSafety (ICT)
March 2000 CE525 RecurrencyFlightSafety (SAT)
February 2000 CFI Refresher ClinicAR Dept. of Aeronautics
July 1999 UNS Operators TrainingUniversal Avionics
March 1999 CE650 Pilot InitialSimuflite
January 1999 CE560 RecurrencyFlightSafety
December 1998 RVSMFlightSafety
October 1998 Annual Meeting & ConventionNBAA
September 1998 Designated Pilot Examiner RecurrencyFAA
August 1998 Annual ConferenceNBTA
July 1998 CFI Refresher Clinic AOPA
June 1998/1997/1996 CE525S RecurrencyFlightSafety
March 1998 International Operators ConferenceNBAA
March 1998 Leadership Effectiveness TrainingLET Seminar
January 1998 High Altitude and Jet TransitionFlightSafety
September 1997 FAR 135 Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing ProgramSimuflite
July 1997 GPS Indoctrination ProgramSimuflite
June 1997 Airborne Weather Radar SeminarAJT
1998/1997/1996/1995CE500 RecurrencyFlightSafety
October 1995 CE525S TransitionFlightSafety
September 1994 Cheyenne RecurrencyFlightSafety
July 1994 CE500 Pilot InitialFlightSafety
1993 Physiological TrainingU.S.A.F.
1993 Scheduler and Dispatcher Seminar NBAA
1993 Cockpit Resource ManagementAmerican Airlines
1991 Basic Supervision TrainingKEYE
September 1985 Cheyenne Pilot Initial (PA-31T)FlightSafety
September 1982 Commander 690 Initial (AC-690)Flight Safety
1997 Major - AeronauticsEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University
1977 Major - ElectronicsCommunity College of the Air Force
1973 Major - Political SciencePalomar College of San Marcos


Date of Birth: September 12, 1952, Augusta, Maine;
Last Medical: First Class, (March 2003) No Waivers; Passport: Current;
Miscellaneous: Non-smoker, married with two children, 5'- 11", 215 lbs.

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