JAMES R. HODGES                   Resume of Qualifications

PRESENT ADDRESS:                   1008 Wessyngton Rd. Winston-Salem, NC 27104
PHONE:                   Work: (336) 741-7011 Home: (336) 768-2626
Cell: (336) 816-0503
E-mail: RoadwarriorG4@hotmail.com

FLIGHT TIME:                   Total     11,100      Multi9300
                  PIC     7300      Night3700
                  Jet     7500      Instrument1200
                  T-Prop     1300      Instructor1000

AIRCRAFT FLOWN:                   G-IV     3000
G-II,GIII     400
Falcon 2000     900
Falcon 50     2400
Falcon 20     380
Falcon 10     270
Citation     160
King Air     1310

CERTIFICATES:                   ATP, Type Rated DA-10, 20, 50, 2000, G-II/G-III, G-IV
FAA Class1 Medical

EDUCATION:                   B. S. Aerospace Administration, Management Minor, MTSU

TRAINING:                   Falcon 2000 Recurrent at Flight Safety each six months
                  CPR, First Aid, and Survival Training annually
                  FAA Altitude Chamber and high altitude training
                  International Procedures, RVSM, CRM annually
                  Radar Interpretation course bi-annually
                  GNS 1000 and 500 factory ground school

      July 1984 to September 2003: Captain for R J Reynolds in G-IV and Falcon 2000 in Winston-Salem, NC. Includes extensive international service. Standards and Evaluation Captain for G-IV. Chairman of Safety Committee. FAA Liaison for LOA/ RVSM approval. International procedures Captain.
      June 1983 - July 1984: Test Pilot for Global Systems in Irvine, CA, testing communications and navigation systems under development and in certification test. Also flew customer demo flights.
      March 1981 - June 1983: Pilot for National Medical Enterprises. In charge of Northwest Region flight operations in Modesto, CA.
      November 1979 - March 1981: Freight pilot for Dixie Airways in Nashville, TN.
      January 1979 - January 1980: Flight Instructor for Aviation Management International in Murfreesboro, TN. Was Chief Flight Instructor last six months of tenure.

                  Graduated Cum Laude from MTSU with a 3.79 GPA
High School Valedictorian

     Date of Birth:      June 6, 1958
     Height:      5' 10"
     Weight:      198 Lbs.
     Marital Status:      Married 23 years, 2 children
     Hobbies:      Golf, Tennis, Painting

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