James B Wilcox
Spirit International
Springfield/Branson MO

King Air Series (B-200/200/ F-90/C-90/A/B)

Merlin & Metro (SA-226) Series

PIC or SIC Services, Short or Long Term
Domestic or International Part 91

Aircraft Sales & Management, Consulting

Maintenance Consulting, Market Research


James B Wilcox, a Professional Pilot providing pilot services for Merlin and King Air series of aircraft along with many other Corporate Turbo Prop and Jet Aircraft.


I offer Professional Contract Pilot services. My professionalism and “focus on security” exceeds “the norm”! Because of my Aircraft Mechanic (A&P) certification, I know the most intricate details of the aircraft you and I are flying through the “sometimes not so friendly” sky’s.

In today’s post 9/11 World, aircraft and personal security are one of my top priorities. I am here to serve you in providing honest, quality, dependable & safe contract Pilot Services.

I am available for short or long term contracts by the day, week or month. I specialize in on-demand long or short-term assignments, International operations, aircraft sales demonstration flights, and ferry flights worldwide.

If you need us while you find a pilot, or due to an emergency, vacations, illnesses or crewmembers training requirements, Call Us!


Spirit International also offers other services in the aviation industry in addition to our Pilot Services. We are able to help you with Aircraft Sales, Market Research and Maintenance Consulting along with many other services.

We can support you in establishing an Aviation/Flight Department from the ground up or review your existing departments daily operation and offer suggestions if appropriate. Safety procedures, staffing, aircraft maintenance, fuel cost, proficiency training techniques, salaries, insurance and it’s associated cost are a few areas we can provide assistance. We also assist companies during hiring periods. We can help with the screening process to determine the most qualified person for the position that is open.


Spirit International is also active and experienced in assisting companies in determine the right aircraft for there mission. Due to our experience and background, we can provide you with the right information to be able to make the best decision for your company. We can act as your advisor or acquisition agent from beginning of the process until the aircraft is safely in your hanger. We can work with various aircraft companies in demonstrating their aircraft to clients and offer aircraft appraisals to assist lending institutions, buyers, and dealers.

One of Spirit International’s specialties is Pre-Purchase Inspections and Maintenance Representations. We have a history of providing the best quality maintenance while saving you from those “night mare” maintenance costs that you have heard about. Our past history has been one of saving our client twice over what it cost for our fees & expenses.


We are here to support you and your business and to maintain our services at the highest level of excellence and professionalism you expect. Give us a call!

 James B Wilcox
Spirit International  PO Box 14727, Springfield, MO. 65814       

Cell: 417-880-3637  E-mail:jetjocky80@hotmail.com  WebPage:www.spiritintl.com

Nearby Airports Served: SGF, PLK, FSM, LIT, MEM, STL, SUS, CPS, MKC, MCO, XNA, TUL                                          ICT, OKC, DAL, LNK, ORD, DEN, all of U.S. and the World


COM, MEL, INST & A&P Mechanic
4000 Total, 1510 Turbine, 2500 Multi, 20 Jet, and 450 Instrument
First Class Medical & EKG, January 2002

Current U.S. Passport, Current Background and Independent Records Check completed by AEPS Inc. (03/25/02)


King Air B-200/200/200C
400 hours in type
Recurrent training, Sim-Com International, June 2002
Next training, July 2003

King Air F-90/-1
350 hours in type
Recurrent training, Sim-Com International, June 2002
Next training, July 2003

King Air C-90/A/B
100 hours in type
Recurrent training, Sim-Com International, June 2002
Next training, July 2003

Merlin III/IIIA/IIIB/Metro(SA226)
500 hours in type
Recurrent training, Flight Safety International, April 2001
Next training, May 2002

Cessna 421/414/340
600 hours in type
Recurrent training, Sim-Com International, January 2000

Other Aircraft Experience: Piper Malibu/Mirage, 350 hours, Cessna 441/425, Piper Cheyenne I,II,II-XL, III, 400LS (Initial), 80 hours, Commander 690/840/900/980 (Initial) 80 hours, DeHavilland DHc4/C-7B (Initial) 100 hours, Additional Experience in all of the major Corporate Twin & Turbo Prop Aircraft.

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