Louis Jackson Copeland

18680 134th Way North

Jupiter, Florida 33478





Condensed Resume



Licenses & Ratings:                            Airline Transport Pilot

                                                                       ATP Type Rating DC-10, B-757 / B-767

                                                                       B-707/720, DC -8, Martin 404, DC-3

                                                                       Flight Engineer- Turbojet

                                                                       Mechanic - Airframe and Powerplant


Flight Hours:                                       Total Time                 24,650 +

                                                                       Pilot in Command      19,300 +

                                                                       Total Jet                    21,500+

                                                                       Flight Engineer               700

                                                                       B-757                        10,000 +

                                                                          DC-10                       2,000+


Most Recent Experience:                                         

1986-Present                                                          Challenge Air Cargo, Miami, Florida

Captain: DC-10, B-757, DC-8, B-707

                                                                      Flying Routes: USA, North Atlantic,

                                                                                              Europe, Canada, Central &

                                                                                              South America.


1981- 1986                                                     Arrow Airlines, Miami, Florida

                                                                          F.A.R Part 121 Operations

                                                                       Captain: DC-8,  B-707

                                                                       Flying Routes:  Worldwide


No accidents, incidents or violations in my aviation career


Education:                                            Emery Riddle University

                                                                        Major:  Aviation Management                

                                                               GPA 3.5

                                                                           Dade Junior College      

                                                                        Major: Management

                                                                        GPA 3.6





Personal:                                              FAA First Class Medical

  Married, Excellent health

                                                                        Height: 6ft

                                                                        Weight: 220 lb.                                                                       

                                                                        Hobbies: Jogging, Tennis, Swimming,

                                                                        Weight lifting and Reading.

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