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Robert J. McKenna

Objective:Full-time pilot or flight crew position.
Flight Ratings:Airline Transport Pilot, Airplane MEL, Commercial Privileges, Airplane SEL,
Medical Certificate: First Class
Type Ratings:CE-500, CV-A340, CV-A440, B-737, LR-Jet, DC-9, G-1159
Total Flight Time:11,463 Hours
 Pilot in Command:6,613
   Turbo Prop1,284
Career Experience:5/98 to PresentMirage Resorts Incorporated, Las Vegas, NV
Captain, MD80-Part 125; GIII-Corporate
 6/94 to 5/98Reno Air, Reno, NV
First Officer, MD80-Part 121 Scheduled
 9/92 to 6/94Great American Airways, Reno, NV
First Officer, MD80-Part 121 Supplemental
 11/90 to 9/92Professional Aviation Services, Sacramento, CA
Captain, LR-25-297
 6/90 to 11/90DHL/Europe, Brussels, Belgium
Captain, Convair 580-Part 121, Freight
 4/88 to 6/90Westates Airlines, Hudson, NY
Captain, Convair 580-Part 121, Flag Operation
 3/76 to 4/88Union Flights, Sacramento, CA
Captain, Freight and Charter
Military Duty:2/69 to 4/72United States Air Force
Captain, Transportation Officer
Education:9/64 to 12/68University of Washington, Seattle, WA
B.A. Political Science (Athletic Scholarship)
References:Available upon request. 

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