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 Lake Worth, FL
561-704-2885 Mobile
Skype-In: 561-283-1704 or

     FAA Airline Transport Pilot Certificate  AMEL
     Type Ratings: LR-JET,  LR-60/60XR, LR-45,  CL-30,  CL-604 & 605
     CFII &  Advanced Ground Instructor  ASMEL
     Canadian ATPL for CL-604/605 & CL-300
     Irish JAA Base Trainer Validation for Learjet 60 models (exp Nov. 2007)
     Bermuda Validations for CL-604/605, CL30 & LR-60
     **JAA-LST Checkrides completed in 2008 for Challenger 300, 604/605 & Learjet 60**
        JAA, MOT & FAA First Class Medicals
        French/Schengen Visa (exp. April 2012)        
        Russian Business Visa (Multiple Entry, exp. Oct 2008)
        Primary & Secondary US Passports

     Registered Nurse (Actively licensed in AL & FL)
     Advanced Cardiac Life Support & AED Certified

**Bombardier Demo Experience in these aircraft
Total Flight Time...................14,500
Challenger 300/605/604..........1500**
Learjet 55/31/31a......5100**
Learjet 60/60XR.....................4250**
Learjet 45/40..............400**

  Last Training Dates:
Challenger 300............. Oct 2008  FSI-ILG  
Challenger 604/605......Feb 2008  FSI-TUS/    CL 605 Transition......July 2007  BTC-YUL
Learjet 60......................Sept 2008   FSI-ATL/    60XR Differences........Collins Sept 2008
Learjet 45.......................Mar 2005   FSI-TUS
Learjet 55 & 31.............Oct 2005   FSI-TUS 

     Extensive International Experience
    International/ RVSM recurrent Aug 2007


     Professional Contract Pilot
Factory Pilots Plus, Inc.,   Lake Worth, FL (3/2001 to present)

       Business owner of Aviation services business providing contract pilot services and electronic checklists
       Webmaster and owner of
      *Specialist in delivery support, Initial Operating Experience / Transition training, & International Ops 
         (Partial Client List & References available online with my password protected secure credentials)

     Captain, Corporate and Charter operations, Learjet 60
          Wingedfoot Services, LLC, West Palm Beach, FL   (7/99 to 3/01)
          Assisted in starting the flight department for Part 91 & 135 operations for a first time aircraft owner
          Performed duties of Senior Training Captain, database manager, dispatch and Internet Marketing

     Factory Demonstration Pilot
          Learjet Inc./ Bombardier Aerospace, Wichita, KS  (4/90 to 7/99)
          Gates Learjet Corp., Tucson, AZ  (10/83 to 1/86)
         Captain’s duties include demonstrating all models of Learjets to customers; corporate
          flying; production flight test support; and Learjet operational training for new and used aircraft
         Extra Assignments included:  Technology Officer interface with FMS and avionics manufacturers,
             coordinating, maintaining and teaching computers for pilot interface with aviation systems

             Training Coordinator, and Operations specialist for the Learjet Accident Investigation Team
             Training Coordinator (9/91-8/94) liaison between manufacturer and FlightSafety International
             Author of the original and upgraded electronic checklists used by Demo Flight Operations

     Registered Nurse,  Coronary Intensive Care       (part time)
       St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Wichita, KS   (5/91-11/94)
        Member of the Critical Incident Stress Emergency Response Team

    Learjet Captain--Contract Pilot Services    7/89 to 4/90
        For a variety of Learjet operators worldwide

   Corporate Pilot   AIRCOA Hospitality Services, Inc.,  Denver, CO
      Captain, LR 55, for the Clarion line of hotels.  (8/86 to 7/89)
       Flight Department closed after majority stock sale

  National Spokesperson/Flight Training Representative
     General Aviation Manufacturer's Association, (GAMA),  Washington, DC
     Promotion of business aviation, the Contact! Learn-to-fly sweepstakes, & aviation careers
     through press interviews & 'on-camera' flight demonstrations.   (4/82 to 10/83)

  Chief Flight Nurse & Medical Coordinator
  Charter & Executive Pilot

     Bass Aviation/Medical Air Transport, Fairhope, Ala. (3/78 to 12/81)
     Coordinated and transported patients, both domestic and international
     Executive and charter pilot for light twins and Learjet 23, 24 & 25

   Registered Teaching Nurse I
     Staff and Charge Nurse, Coronary Intensive Care Unit.
     University of South Alabama Medical Center,  Mobile, Ala.   (6/75 to 3/78)


  Flight Safety International  (Tucson, Wichita, West Palm Beach, Wilmington & Atlanta)  1983 to present
      Initial and recurrent Learjet (all series), Challenger 604 & 300 training

  Bombardier Aerospace Training Centers 
      Initial Challenger 300 training, (DFW) June 2005
      Challenger 605 Transition Course, (Montreal) July 2007

 Aircraft Accident Investigation
      Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ  (6/98, 10/98)

 Critical Incident Stress, Trauma and Crisis Management Certification
      Via Christie Medical Center, Wichita, KS  (3/98)

 In-Flight Emergencies & AED Training
     by “In Flight Excellence”  on site Wichita, (1998 & '99)

 Transoceanic & International Procedures Training
    Rcurrents:  FlightSafety International Tucson (Aug 2007)
                      Delta Airlines, Atlanta (8/99) & Wichita, (6/97);

 Mastin School of Nursing/ University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL
      Nursing   (1972-1975, 1977-82*)
      Aviation Psychology   (Personalized Studies Program,  1981-82)
          *Flight Training accomplished under Nursing major prior to change in major to Aviation Psychology

 Advanced & Basic Cardiac Life Support Certification
      Nursing Unlimited, West Palm Beach, FL  (2008; every 2 years)


    NBAA Pilot Safety Awards
    NBAA Learjet Technical Advisory Committee member (elected Sept 2008)
    President, Independent Business Aviation Contract Professionals Association, Inc. (IBACP Association)

            National Business Aviation Association
            South Florida Business Aviation Association
             International Society of Air Safety Investigators
             General Aviation Air Safety Investigators
             Association of Aviation Psychologists
             Women In Aviation International
              Former Fellow, Aerospace Medical Association/ Aviation Safety Committee

     Featured in:
          Women in Aviation & Space, Dept. of Transportation, 1989
          COSMOPOLITAN Magazines' Career Woman of the Month, September, 1982
          Nursing '80,  Nurse's Notes,  October, 1980

           First Woman Pilot typed in Learjet 60, (Feb 93), and Learjet 45, (Nov 97)
           First Woman Pilot into the People's Republic of China for commercial reasons (LR 35 delivery) July, 1985
  References available on Request

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