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CorporatePilot.COM was started 13 years ago over frustration with the high cost of getting ones' aviation qualifications in front of the people doing the hiring. My belief was/is that it just should not cost that much, and that there should be a free exchange of all information in both directions. With this web site ALL the information that both parties wish to be posted - is posted. You are not required at all to make contact with a third party.

We are keeping the fee to post a resume on the Internet as low as possible while at the same time providing the most exposure and service for your hard earned dollar. I would like not to charge anything for the cost of posting a resume. At CorporatePilot.COM we believe in presenting your resume in the same format (as close as HTML will allow) as you have constructed in MS Word, Lotus, NotePad, etc., and that takes time. Other similar web sites make you present it in their standard form. We believe that every person's resume has strengths & weaknesses, and that their standard form may not tell your whole story of experience & training.

At the end of the day all we are hoping for is that CorporatePilot.COM maybe makes it just a little easier for business and corporate aviation Flight Departments, Pilots and Mechanics to find each other for full-time employment or just more contract work.

Thank you in advance.



Scott Hendricks

PS… Employers please post your job opening on CorporatePilot.COM. With the power of the Internet & CorporatePilot.COM you will find the right pilot or mechanic.


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